CREDIT: US ARMY PHOTOGRAPH - 3 Aug 1956 "Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition" was a favorite expression in World War II. Tobday ammunition is still an important part of Army life, and when troops fire in the field It takes a good crew to keep up with the shooters. Here, gathered around the ammo table for a day on the range, are reservists attending the Fourth Army Area Intelligence School underway at Fort Sam Houston, Texas. They are, left to right, Capt Gerhard Hecht, 3527 Alaska Avenue, Dallas, Texas, a member of detachment 15, Milltary Intelligence Service Organization, with unit station at Fort Worth; M/Sgt Doyl East, 2725 Hilton Street, Dallas, a member of the 406th Military Censorship Detachment, Dallas; Sgt Robert B. Gillman, 9020 Farmer Road, Fort Worth, A member of the 15th Military Intelligence Service Organization detachment, Fort Worth; Range Officer Captain Newton T. Fisher, 2451 Fonville Drive, Dallas, A member of the 406th Military Censorship Detachment, Dallas; and Captain Tom Swain, 331 Marshall Smith Drive, Del Rio, Texas. Seated in the center is Major Caldwell T. Bennett, 14th and Byars, Batesville, Ark. Major Bennet is Commanding Officer of the 318th Military Censorship Detachment, Batesville. The school ends on 12 August.

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