Willy Hecht

Born: August 21, 1888 in Harz, Ilsenburg, Germany
Died: September 18, 1962 in Philidelphia, Pennsylvania

Willy Hecht

This picture was originally taken at Marcel Schmuter, in the Charlottenburg area of Berlin sometime before, during, or after world war I.

Willy and Elsa Hecht were married in 1913. They had one son Gerhard (Gary) Hecht, and one daughter Ingeborg (Inge) Hecht. Willy and his brother Otto were partners together with Ernst Rappe in a business called "Ernst Rappe & Hecht".
(Thanks go out to Diana May for the input)

Willy received the Iron Cross for being wounded at Chateaunef - France. He, like AJ (also in France), was a medic.

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