Gerhard Hecht

(A.K.A. 'Poppie', 'Garo', and 'the finest man to ever live')

July 25, 1917 - September 29, 1989
Born in Berlin, Germany

Gerhard Hecht

Joe scanned in this photo, one of his favorites, and preformed a bit of digital magic to better bring out some of Poppie's features and trademark pipe.

As Joe recalls, the photo was taken on a bombed out beachhead that Poppie had just helped to capture, somewhere in the South Pacific during World War II. If anyone knows the approximate date or place, please let me know!

Gary's parents were Willy and Elsa Hecht; they were married in 1913. Gary was born in Berlin, Germany and lived in the Charlottenburg area. Willy and his brother Otto were partners together with Ernst Rappe in a business called "Ernst Rappe & Hecht".
(Thankyou Diana May for the input)

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