In Loving Memory...

A work in progress. Please feel free to send pictures, video clips, audio clips, and stories of your fondest memories to our Webmistress .


Gary "Poppie" Hecht
Melba Hecht
Inge Hecht Jones
William "Willy" Hecht
Margot Hecht


Dr. Charles "Charlie" Maxwell
Joey Maxwell


A.J. Morris
Kittie Morris


Ojuana Morris Hartman


Mr. Fred Agustus "Pa Pa" Westphal
Mrs. Olive "Mom" Westphal
Fred Bishop "Fredie B" Westphal
Mrs. Rosemary Heffley Lanham Westphal (Lynda's Mother)
Mrs. Rosemary Westphal (Susan and Mayanne's Mother)
Maryanne Westphal Blackwell(Lynda's Sister)
Mr. Neal Lanham (Lynda's Step-Grandpa "Grandpa")
Mrs. Irma Heffley Lanham (Lynda's Grandmother)
Mr. Heffley (Lynda's Biological Grandfather)
Mrs. Leigh Gaddy Brendel (Step-sister)

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