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The holiday season approaches, so that means craft season has begun. I started the tradition of making gifts because of two reasons. One, I hate shopping and two, I have family members that if it ain't from Saks 5th Avenue it better be one of a kind....
Okay, and three, what do you get someone who has everything.

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First Craft

Snoopy, Woodstock,hand made
Snoopy and Woodstock are made from cut out plywood and painted with "Outdoor/Indoor acrylic Gloss" or your local craft store/Wal-Mart. Yes, this stuff really holds up. Had some major thunderstorms and Snoopy and Woodstock held up fine.
Joe cut and I painted. We decided to show our patriotism by giving Snoopy a red, white, and blue with stars scarf. Next, to get done, is a sincere pumpkin patch with Linus and Lucy.

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Second Craft-Polymer clay

4 santa's made with Polymer clay
Four Santas (so far)
made with Polymer Clay

How To's

The art available with Polymer Clay is limited by your own imagination.
Go in search of Galleries. There is some really awesome artist!

Marilyn Radzat
Duirwaigh Gallery of Fantasy Art
Irish Red

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Lovin' the Blues

Faery loves the blues

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