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Blessings for Holidays 2010

1st night for Joe and Lynda to explore Holiday lights
first night christmas lights 2010

"In the depth of winter, I finally learned
that within me there lay an invincible summer. "
Albert Camus

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Joe and Lynda Cruse formal dinner

December 24th is our 25th and
the 25th is our 24th.
Wow! I love you Hubba-roo!

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Check out the family news group! Welcome Marcus, Jennifer, and Paul!
Was the Blue Moon Solstice Lunar Eclipse not spectacular?!?!
Wishing you a cuddley wonderful winter!

Holiday Season 2010

I look around me on this huge planet we call Earth, and I find that though I have experienced many trials and tribulations along this journey we call life, I find that I am truly blessed, and have no real right to be out of sorts. Whew! Was that a long lesson in coming!
I found that if we use the tools at our disposal, and those that are with in us, that it is not what happens to us, or even around us, but how we choose to respond to our environment that is what makes life positive or negative. We can make the best of things, the worst of things, or be is not for the individual to make everything right for everyone else while holding in their own honest reactions. Yet, we can either be a positive or a negative force, or a very good listener.

I feel awfully petty locking myself up in my own little world sayin "Woe is me!", when in reality I really have a charmed life. I just couldn't see it for all the what should and should not bes; and all the I want, I need, I wish...and for those that my negativity and stupidity effected I am so sorry! In this past 3 years I found I may not be perfect, but I'm finally perfectly me, and I really like me. I stopped being what others wanted me or said I should be, and just got the growing confidence to be me. Biggest accomplishment is to stop believing what others tell you to believe and have faith in what you know to be true. Stand for what you believe in. Even if you stand alone. Standing for what is right, what you believe in, you are never alone. Whoot Whoot!

Yes! I am, as one of my BBF says, gloriously weird or eccentrically unique. I found, due to social networks, that I am not the only one who thinks like me. Now granted, it took many of same opinion, but same opinion none the less. I wrote for a while on some web-zine advice coloumns, and found my opinion was valued, and that I actually helped some people know they were not alone in their opinions. I even got into it a few times with Mrs. Manners and Ann Landers for closed minded advice that they have given. Maybe I am too open minded, too accepting of differences, and too open minded; but since I stopped being other and just became me I think we are all much happier.

So I started my New Years quest early. (I do quest not resolutions-that way I do not fail because everyday is a new day to try again! It's not how far you have to go. It's how far you have traveled that matters. It's not how many times you start, but the fact if important you don't give up.)

My quest is to 1. Get Er' Done. 2. Never say I will do, unless I know I can or already have the ducks to put in a row to make it happen. 3. Get informed and educated and stop being a sheep led astray by what any others say, because I have learned " What it is, maybe isn't what it should be." and "What it is, probably isn't." I am a PBS mind in a Fox News world for sure.

So stay tuned along my journey as I get informed, and I'll explain after the first of the year why "I am a hummingbird"

To the Future...2011!

Write me if you read this page and tell me your news and New Years quest!

Brightest of Blessings Always.
Lynda April Leigh Westphal-Hecht 80)

(Now if I could learn to spell and write grammatically correct...Phfffft!...not pushing my luck but work on it every day!)

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