Joe and Lynda's visit to NYC - Night Three!

The Iradium Jazz Club!!!

I have always wanted to meet the ledgendary Les Paul, inventor of the electric guitar, and all sorts of things such as multi-track recording, and effects such as reverb. He has humbled almost every artist he has played with, and would include almost everyone in the recording industry! He is now 86 years old, and still puts on one heck of a show every Monday night at the famous Iradium Jazz Club next to the Wintergarden.

The show

As we all know, Les is quite a performer, and even after his stroke (where he had to relearn the guitar all over again), he can still knock out one heck of a lead. He is also quite a comidian! We were three seats back from the stage, directly in the center. He started playing, and I was having trouble keeping back the tears of joy! It was so amazing to see Les in action, I think it took an hour before I even touched my dinner!

Les still works with Lou Pallo (far left), and in my opinion, is one of the finest chord strummers in the universe! Lou was absolutly amazing, and I spent a lot of time studying his techniques. Thgis guy does some blazing chord changes with absolute accuracy!!!

After the show, Lynda and I met up with Lou outside, got to talking, and Lou invited us to stay as guests for the second show!

After the 2nd show, Lou invited us to hang around with him and Les!

It was getting pretty late, and we had a early morning flight to catch, and with all the security lines and the doubled traffic from the plane crash from the day before, we sadly had to bid adu to Lue and Les, but not before exchanging phone numbers at Lou's insistance!!! Lue's card is *totally* excellent, and the drawing of him on his card was done by no than than Tony Bennett!

BTW: During the 2nd show, Les had a couple of guests, including a young jazz vocalist Joan Bender

New York City was excellent adventure!!! The people where friendly, the city has been cleaned up, we made new friends, met old friends, and most of all, this ol southern boy (and Lynda) can't wait to return to the big apple!!!!

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