Joe and Lynda's visit to NYC - Day Three!

Heading home???

We woke up and headed out to Times Square to grab some bagles and coffee, then we were going to get Lynda some shoes and take a quick trip to Central Park. We passed by the ABC studios where they were doing "Good Morning America", and we got to see Charles Gibson and Diane Sawyer. We headed down Broadway to find a good shoe store. After several blocks, Lynda yelled out "A Payless Shoe Store!!!" and everyone on that corner instantly moved out of the way. Come to find out that a "woman on a mission" screaming out "shoe store" this is the most effective way to get New Yorkers to move out of the way!!! While Lynda was inside shopping, I stood outside next to the subway exit, giving out directions to those who asked. For awile, I mentioned (as a warning) that "I was just a tourist" and I my directions might not be correct. Most everyone said that they *were* from the city and I must know quite a bit about the layout of the New York street system! Anyway, as I was standing there, all of a sudden N.Y.P.D. cars came "hauling" down the cross road at a zillion miles per hour with sirens blaring. Let me tell ya, those episodes on "NYPD Blue" where the cop cars go flying down steets and comming off the ground are true to life!!! Wow!!! Then came the ambulences.... hummm... Lynda came to the window of the store and urgently signaled for me to come in, and I pointed to the visual sign that had a circle and a red slash though a picture of a bagel and and a cup of coffee (indicatng that food and drink were not allowed), and the store manager signaled it was ok to bring them in. Then I got the first sketchy news of a plane crash. Thinking "here we go again", we made our way back to Times Square, where the news of the crash was just comming across the screen, and that all the airports, tunnels, and bridges where closed. We went back to the hotel, made a few qick calls, and changed our flights to the next day, then headed to Central Park. Outside the hotel, a bronze exibit had been placed of the rescue workers.

Central Park

We took the subway, exiting about 65th street entered the park, took a short walk, then ran across the castle!

Then we found the statue of balto!

Then we decided to "go ask Alice"!

Then we decided to visit the John Lennon Memorial at Strawberry Fields.

Then we decided to visit John and Yoko's apartment building.

Here is entrance to the building where John Lennon perished.

On the way back to the hotel, we spotted this guy in the subway. I love accordin music, so we challenged him to play a few polkas.

Lynda and I were exausted from all the walking, so we went back to the hotel, took a nap, then called for reservations to see the legnendary Les Paul at the Iradium Jazz Club!!!

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