Joe and Lynda's visit to NYC - Day Two!

Physical Graffiti!

We woke up and headed out to Times Square to grab a bite to eat and some coffee, then put our newly learned subway riding skills to work, and tracked down the brownstone building made famous by Led Zeppelin's Physical Graffiti album!

They now have a clothing store in the building!

With a very colorfull sign!

And another colorfull sign!

It was *so* cool to finally see this building up close! Lots of very cool ornaments! You could just feel the music!!!!

Ground Zero

Everyone tolds us there was not going to be anything to see, but we went anyway, and let me say first hand, we were not prepared to witness the absolute devestation of this tragity. It was exactly 2 months later, and they are still trying to put out the fires. The smell of death is everywere, and the ash of the remains is in the air. There were buildings that were totally blown apart, with the steel beams wilting back to the ground. The area looked like it had been hit by a nucular bomb. Lynda and I both totally broke down in absolute gut wrenching tears. We both broke down several times later that evening, and still to this day get sick even thinking about it. Seeing it in perons is not the same as seeing it on television. We came away with so many different emotions. It was truly the most sickining feeling we had ever experienced. While we both left with a lot of anger inside, God somehow reached out to us in that final glimpse of the devistation... As the water from the fire hoses continued to douse the burning remains, beams of white light from the blow torches illuminated outward from the center in every direction trough the twisted hulk of steel the remained. It was like the brightest star, and signaled to me that God was indeed there, taking care of those that perished and the rescue workers, and yes, there was hope... and yes, there is a God! I will forgo the pictures of the devistation, and instead present a picture of the ongoing memorial at St Paul's, where people from all over the world leave flowers, pictures, and letters.

On the way back to Times Square I purchased a jacket (it was getting cold), and we saw this awsome mural in the Subway station.

The Empire State Building

We decided to go visit the Empire State Building. It was after sundown, and very cold up there, but the lights of the city where unforgetable!

Back to Times Square

Then we went back to Times Square and decided to take one of those horse drawn carrage rides down to Rockafeller Center and see the 80 foot Christmas Tree they had just delievered! We strolled by a lot of historic sites such as Radio City, the NBC studios, and some very nice stores and shops!

I sure dont know how those horses put up with all the traffic, and all I can say is our driver was one brave young man (and apparently very handsome too!)

Southern ideals alive in NYC!

We finally grabbed a bite to eat at an Itialian restraunt. Here we deicded that the concept of pre-sweetened iced tea was not "a southern thang" but rather a east west thing, as we had no problems getting pre-sweetened iced tea when we simply asked for "iced tea"! I will have to put this to the test, but I now figure when you order "iced tea", it will automatically be pre-sweetened if you are east of the Mississippi river. We saw many southern syle restraunts, and we even spotted this Red Neck Limo made from a stretched out 4x4!

New York City had been a excellent adventure, but we were not prepared for what was in store for Monday morning.

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