Joe and Lynda's visit to NYC - Day One!

Airline security

We started our adventure to New York City on Saturday, November 10, 2001 at the Pensacola Airport. Security was tight, but the lines were very short. They where doing a security check of the cars comming into the airport with mirrors and the like, and going through peoples truncks. The main police guy at the main gate really did not impress me, as he was too busy reading the newspaper while on duty. The National Guard troups inside the airport where very reassuring! Our Airtrans flight to Atlanta was delayed 2 hours, and the cockpit door of the plane remained open during part of the flight. Scarry!!!

We made it to Atlanta, and ran to meet our connecting flight. Upon boarding, we noticed *pairs* of very scary looking men (obviously from the middle east) sitting in every 8th row. This appeared to be very pre-planned, and I was not too happy it, and they did not look very pleased either! Later, someone mentioned that the airline was probably doing "passenger profiling" and probably seated them this way on purpose. Anyway, Lynda and I considered getting off the plane, but decided that would set off the security, so we formulated "a plan to roll with", and went on our way! We safely landed at LaGuardia airport, and figured that the Arab guys where probably in a bad mood because of folks like us who where suspicious of them!

Getting to the Hotel

We considered our transporation options and decided to take a cab to our Times Square hotel via a turban headed cab driver that spoke no english. Let me tell you... as far as excitement goes, DisneyWorld rides have nothing on a NYC taxicab ride! In fact, here in the south where almost everyone drives like they do in the TV show "The Dukes of Hazzard", would be right proud of the driving ability of a New York Cab driver!

A Zep Together!

As soon as we checked in to the hotel, we met up with our friend (and super Zeppelin Fan) Neal!

Neal prompty made it his job to turn us into "real New Yorkers" and expose us to the in's and out's of the NYC subway system! Wow is that thing cool! You can ride it anywhere for about $4 per day, and they allow some really excellent musicians to perform in the subway stations! What a bargain (and a real treat)!

We arrived in China Town, and upon exiting the subway, Neal explained that the "smell" from the World Trade Center that was still burning! Neal gave us a very exciting tour of China Town, then took us to a vietnamise restauraunt! It was very good (and very interesting)! Unlike most of the restauraunts we later visited on our own, it was very reasonably priced! Neal ordered a bunch of stuff off the menu, and we all shared the delicies, and talked about Zeppelin and other interesting topics. Lynda and Neal drank Vietnamise beer (it was very good), and I had iced tea! They served with a tea bag in the glass, and pre-sweetened at that! When we left, we found out that it was customary to leave a buring cigerette for Budda at his statue! Later, Neal took us for a tour of Little Italy where we had dessert and coffee!

Later, we returned to Times Square, where we had prearranged for our Zep freind Christie to watch for us on earthcam's Times Square webcam and take a screenshot! Can you see us in the crowd?

After a very nice stroll around Times Square, we returned to the hotel, and took some pictures with our cardboard buddies Jimmy Page and Robert Plant!

It was so nice to finally meet Neal after all these years on the net! His British accent is really cool, and all our female friends said the same thing when they saw his picture: "!!!WOO-HOO!!! HUBBA!!! HUBBA!!!" I guess that qualifies Neal as a total Babe Slayer!

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