Hecht's in Germany

Ernst Rappe and Hecht factory

Survived WWII
Halo, Peter, Margot, and a young Marcus at the
Ernst Rappe and Hecht factory in Berlin.

Submitted by Gary Hecht

The Ernst Rappe & Hecht business made artifical flowers and had factories in Berlin, Bodenbach (Czeck Republic), in Ohio (and perhaps other cities). I believe that just before WWII, Willy, wishing to leave Germany (for the second time), came to an agreement that he would get the Bodenbach factory and the other Willy, Connie (and Rappe) would get the Berlin factory. Of course, when WWII was over and the commies took over Czechoslovakia, Willy lost the Bodenbach factory (he received some compensation in the 1950s and Margot received some additional compensation in the 1980s.

I have been on a couple of tours of the Hecht factory in its later days of existence. We saw vats of chemicals and many dried plants. We even brought some home with us.

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